Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get yours . . .

GET A FLU SHOT. Besides helping to fight the flu, there are strong indications that it is an effective way of lowering the incidence of major cardio problems. That's what a report from the American Council on Science and Health proclaims in a post, "Flu vaccine’s unexpected heart benefits":

Flu shots can stop you from getting the flu. Can they also stop you from having a heart attack?

That’s the intriguing suggestion by Dr. Jacob Udell of the University of Toronto and colleagues, who gave a recent presentation at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, demonstrating a surprising 48 percent reduction in major adverse cardiovascular events (heart attack or sudden death, or stroke) among over 3000 patients culled from 4 separate trials, conducted from 1994 to 2008.


Purple library guy said...

That's a very interesting finding, but so surprising and with such a lack of obvious mechanism that I find myself wondering, not to be rude, just what funders Dr. Jacob Udell works with.

Patrick Linehan said...

In the Cochrane review of the subject the authors suggest that their is a bias in the way that people get their vaccinations so the people who are vaccinated are healthier at baseline than the people who do not get vaccinated and this would explain the supposed benefits.

Silverfox said...

The ACSH is is one of the most fraudulent and egregiously lying, corporate-sponsored, right-wing think tanks on the entire planet and our friend Edstock here needs to get his bullshit detector replaced in light of some of the horrors and disasters that are far more strongly linked to these vacines than any of the so-called benefits that are being touted about them.

Another equally false, pre-meditated, and patently manufactured global panic that has gone from nothing to now sucking-up more than 400 billion in taxpayer dollars right around the planet each and every year.

Billions that could have been far more wisely spent cleaning-up our abysmally polluted and increasingly toxic world and putting an end all the things we bindly do to make it distressed, diseased and downright dangerous for us, instead.

And what are we buying into and trying to put into everyone's bloodstream year after year for that exhorbitant price we're not only paying but paying to what is already the most profoundly profitable business that has ever existed?

Try this list on for size and ask yourself just how good it can possibly be to intraveniously assault and overwhelm your immune system with all of these all at once and no less to do that on an annual and ongoing basis...

– 25 micrograms of mercury (thimerosal), a known neurotoxin; one microgram is considered toxic; according to the NIH, “mercury and all of its compounds are toxic, exposure to excessive levels can permanently damage or fatally injure the brain and kidneys;” even “exposures to very small amounts” can also cause “allergic reactions, neurological damage and death;” it’s also been linked to autism;

– aluminum hydroxide and phosphate, known to be linked to some neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s; the Office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports x-ray evidence of pulmonary fibrosis among unprotected workers handling and coming into contact with it; it also reports that patients undergoing long-term kidney dialysis in which it's used commonly develop speech disorders, dementia, and convulsions;

– formaldehyde, a known carcinogen according to the National Cancer Institute; it’s also linked to upper respiratory tract problems and effects on lymphatic and hematopoietic systems (relating to human blood cells);

– gelatin, polysorbate 80 and resin – ingredients causing severe allergic reactions;

– ammonium sulfate, a suspected gastrointestinal, liver, and respiratory toxicant and neurotoxicant;

– sorbitol, a suspected gastrointestinal and liver toxicant;

– phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), a suspected developmental and reproductive toxicant;

– beta-propiolactone, a known carcinogen and suspected gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin and sense organ toxicant;

– gentamycin, an antibiotic;

– triton X100, a strong detergent;

– animal tissues and fluids, including potentially contaminated horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, pig blood, and porcine (pig) protein/tissue;

– calf and fetal bovine serum;

– macerated cancer cells;

– diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue.

... and of course let's not forget all the hopefully but not always dead animal viruses any of those may also contain and that come right along with the influenza ones that are floating around in that delightfull little cocktail they want to make sure you get a good dose of year after year.