Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vancouver Island North and more

From CHEK TV in Victoria. Click on Dirty Tricks Feb 28, 2012.

The ever diligent The Sixth Estate continues to compile the essential and growing list of suspected acts of voter suppression.

There is more however. The Sixth Estate has this analysis which lays out the ways and means of executing a voter suppression campaign and some speculation on the heavy logistics required to carry it off. Given the elements of motive, resources and opportunity, any investigation is going to focus on a political party.

There's also this:
The Opposition, and the progressive blogging community, is beginning to muse about by-elections. I would urge them not to do so. The first and only priority of the country at this point must be identifying what happened and who did it. Demanding by-elections before we know what went wrong with the first poll only means that those responsible will be left free to work their mischief a second time. We don’t have time to talk about by-elections right now.

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