Sunday, February 27, 2011

The future that never was

PALEO FUTURE is a site that displays the prognostication of bygone days, from 1870 to the 1990s. Below, an ad from Hughes Aircraft Co., touting the videophone in your future.


croghan27 said...

Looks like Skype to me.

masterymistery said...

I see it has a rotary dialler --- them old style fingers loved to fit in them little holes.

masterymistery at
cosmic rapture

Scanner said...

Indeed, croghan27 that was my first thought - skype it is and it's almost free. No wonder Bell wants UBB. My SIP account (which gives me a 647 areacode) costs less than $.01 a minute and Skype with video is free if to whom I place the call is also a skype user. Plus my Skype "telephone" can also run video games and download music and rather than being wall mounted can fold flat and be carried easily to a local coffee shop. Yay for the future. Oh, and it has created a whole new social category - camwhores. What's not to like!