Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Do you think Dick Cheney reads the Toronto Sun?

I've never read the Toronto Sun. Aside from the fact that it's a part of the Sun Media Group, I know nothing about it.

That's now changed.

No, I'm not going to start reading it. I now know that, no matter what news it may cover, it's a confirmed right-wing rag intended for monosynaptic whipheads.

Let's face it, when a newspaper sees fit to publish the lunatic ramblings of a batshit crazy stalker, who can't keep a job with one of Rupert Murdoch's Republican noise machines and gets frog-marched from the building while all the other wingnuts in the building whisper that she's nuts, it's probably something I would avoid wrapping fish in.

How do these lunatic Ann Coulter clones keep recycling themselves?

UPDATE: A letter writing campaign to express disgust over Marsden's article is being organized. You can politely state your objections to Marsden's promotion of torture by starting at A Creative Revolution or at Bastard Logic.

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