Friday, February 05, 2016

Brave "Albertans" cowardly lost an election

The stuff being posted about Notley and other women in her government is appalling. Death threats, threats of violence are criminal because they have no place in a civilised society. This much should be obvious to the lawnorder conservative crowd.

But again, not really. So much is so lost on them.

Instead, we get yet another flavour of the cheetoh-crumb basement misogyny currently in vogue. 

Grown men threatening violence against the women with whom they disagree. 

Imagine that. 

Men with sisters, mothers, girlfriends, wives, colleagues and friends bashing out stuff on their facebooks and chatrooms. 

Tough guys, these "cowboys"


heidi said...

First time here for blogroll amnesty day, and just checking you know that that photo isn't a beaver! It's a nutria. Famously mislabeled.
heidi perryman

Boris said...

Heidi, thanks for point it out! That's hilarious - we've had that banner for years. The nose really does give it away. We'll see what we can do...although nutria obviously don't get near as much publicity. Creatures ar probably a little miffed at being mistaken for beavers. Anyway, cheers!

Alison said...

OK, The Galloping Nutria it is then! ;-)

Beijing York said...

I love nutrias.

lungta said...

i live there
they are not so much misogynists
as equal opportunity haters
they will tell you
there is my way or wrong
they will all tell you
satan comes in many guises
that said
they are a small loud minority

Boris said...

lunta, I lived there for several years as well. I think there's been a demographic shift in the province as part of the oil boom years. In addition to the young mail rig worker crowd, lots of young professionals have moved into the cities, bought houses and started families. Their politics are much different from the old white guy/rural right-wing norm. A friend of mine from rural AB often mentions the impact on his community and family of the changing demographics and new thinking making its way into the rural places. The old guard feels threatened and defensive, and retreats into reactionary fundamentals, especially now that their oil god is no more.

Anonymous said...

I was about to call you out on the Albertans thing, but your comment here held me back.
I've noticed a massive change in the Province since I arrived in 2000, and things are changing. If I told you the PCs would be dumped and an NDP government would be elected in Alberta back in 2000, you'd have said a few unpleasant words.
I don't think it's moving to the left, I just think people are actually becoming a bit more live and let live, instead of being totalitarian religious Conservative using the descriptor "Libertarian" as a shield.
In the Rural areas you'll still get the entitled far right loons, who only tout their democratic credentials when a government that they agree with is returned.. but are they any different from the Ottawa Valley folk or the folk in the BC interior?
As for oil. It won't be over for quite a while yet. While we diversify, it would be nice to have that income to pay for the accelerated change that is needed to make up for decades of inaction.

Boris said...

I don't know what your definition of left is, but live and let live is pretty close to the social side of mine :) And the size of the AB gov't and its services provisions even under the Tories has it pretty solidly in the social welfare state realm. An entire generation of Albertans has moved into adulthood since 2000, and more have migrated to the province. No, they are no different from the Ottawa Valley or BC interior other than that their views of dominated AB politics of >40 years.

Boris said...

Also, I put "Albertans" and "cowboys" in quotes to suggest that the people I was describing were not examples of the ideals of either one.

NaRong said...

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