Saturday, January 31, 2015

Harper goes full on North Korean ...

Jeremy Nuttall describes the Friday noontime fiasco when Harper gathered Ottawa-bureau reporters in one place, had them sign an embargo on information and then cut them off, preventing them filing stories on the Harper anti-terrorist legislation.

Good read!

And, this is just the beginning. We all know Harper finds democracy an inconvenient obstacle to his hold on power. Expect more, a lot more, in the coming months. Harper is a desperate individual. Desperate people do despicable things.

Added:  Highlighting the desperation of this odious psychopath is an article from Heather Mallick underscoring his need to broadcast his penis size without, you know, actually having to show it, by producing warrior-centric propaganda ... with your money.

Chris Turner explains that Harper's behaviour is nothing short of that fake US patriotism we're all familiar with. He, along with thousands of others describes Harper's 3 minute propaganda piece as nothing but a cartoon and completely out of place in a country where duty, obligation and sacrifice do not involve beating your own chest and having band play martial music 24/7.

H/T Alison for the Chris Turner link.


Purple library guy said...

Harper's political fortunes are so tied to fear of terrorism that I'm actually starting to wonder if Harper will stage some kind of event near the election. You know, like a fire in the Reichst . . . uh, parliament.

Dave said...

I believe there are a lot of people wondering exactly the same thing, PLG.

lungta said...

i think it is darker than that
there will be something staged for him

Boris said...

But we knew he'd eventually turn the parliament attack into political capital.

Anything to distract from the complete failure of his tarsandic economic 'strategy' in an election year, I guess.

I suppose we'll next see him in superhero spandex standing on a tank.