Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You dumb fucks

Mr. Biden, Mr. Obama, Mr. Putin, and the assorted malcontents running about hunting rags and mismatched surplus NATO camo uniforms, where do you think this all leads?

Absolute worst case, Russia and the US/NATO get into a shooting war over Ukraine. Even if it doesn't go nuclear, you can bet it means the rubblisation of Ukraine and maybe a NATO and Russian base or two, a fracked global economy, and a whole lot of dead people.

If it goes hot, the useless idiots running around in Ukraine waving various flags and assault rifles will all be maimed or dead by Christmas. They have no idea what they're doing.

There's no win there. Just a long, ugly, deadly, fight.


Unknown said...

Exactly what the WAR HAWKS want. Great way to make money selling arms and exploiting the oil. A win/win for arms factory's and oil companies.

gingersnap said...

The oil barons thrive on wars, they want a war going at all times. If there isn't a war, an excuse must be found, to start one. Afghanistan is now winding down. Time to start another war, count on it.

Harper and Baird shooting off their big mouths in Ukraine, was a total embarrassment. Harper has nothing to lose and, if his mouth was a little bigger? He could get both of his feet in it.

Anonymous said...

Harper could actually have a great deal to loose. He forgets, Putin wants to ensure he gets/keeps his share of the Artic. What does Harper exactly think is going to happen if Putin lays claim to it and puts his troops there? Canada doesn't have a military to match Putin's and the U.S.A. just might not be too interested, nor their population. Harper has pissed off enough world leaders, that they others may just leave him to simmer in his own juices. We Canadians will be stuck her, Harper will be found in England or some such place. He doesn't have the stomach/balls for real war, well being part of a real war, like living in it.

MgS said...

An active shooting war (which would be a long, bloody affair) could play to Harper's desire to hang on to power as long as possible.

More here:

Anonymous said...

Who will Harper/Baird commission?
The Redneck-Redcoat Brigade?