Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stephen Harper would not approve

THIS is what Canadians do.

When someone needs help, real Canadians go out of their way to provide it.

Then we have the Harper party approach to helping others:
First up, James Moore. Your neighbour's kid can starve for all he cares.
Next, the man who prostituted the Progressive Conservative party, Peter "Airshow" MacKay. If you have nothing, he'll take that away from you too.

Can you imagine any one of these self-absorbed, evil, swine considering Anton Gafarov anything but a mortal enemy?

Justin Wadsworth, however, renews your faith in the spirit of Canadian fair play and the belief that a hand up always brings more than the back of the hand.

Well done, Mr. Wadsworth. You do Canadians proud.


Lorne said...

A great story, and your are right. In Haperland, this kind of act is regarded as a weakness.

gingersnap said...

The fair election act. Really? The so called Conservatives should have just, stuck with their robo-call election fraud.

We have Canadians being laid off and their jobs being taken by Harper's cheap foreign labor. Corporations are bottomless pits of greed. They pay the foreigners at half Canadian pay. Headhunters charge $12,500, for the foreigners they bring over. There is a firm, bringing over Chinese Engineers.

There are thousands of Chinese coming over for, Harper's Northern BC mining plan.

There are over a million Canadians looking for jobs. We have University and College Grads with huge student loans, to pay off. Our skilled Trades People, are not getting those jobs either.

A fellow we know had been hired on in a mine. His wife and children had to drive to the city to pick him up. Winter driving in the North can be very treacherous. He was making plans to move his family closer to his job. A week later, many of them were laid off. As he said, thank gawd I didn't have time to move my family. He would have been in a hell of a mess.

Same at the tar sands. They dare not move their families to the tar sands. Tomorrow you may not have a job.

My son is an, Electronic Engineering Technologist. As much as I would miss them and my little Granddaughter? I would like him to apply overseas, and get out of Canada.There is no future in this country for our younger generation.

ThinkingManNeil said...

One thing I noted on the news tonight was a crumb being thrown out by that malignant Munckhin, Flaherty, to the most recent crop of vets was to offer training and assistance in getting the jobs in public service - the very sector the Harper horde is trying to kill off...


Dave said...

What the poison little prick hasn't told anyone is that long-service CF veterans, by law, always had priority preference in specified areas of the public service and it was clearly spelled out that all honourably discharged service personnel had absolute priority in the civilian sector of DND.

It's just never been adhered to and there is always the caveat that an applicant must be qualified. Since the CF rarely provided civilian equivalent credentials it was easy to dismiss an ex-CF applicant.

It still is. And, as you say, an operational hiring freeze makes the whole point moot.

The Mound of Sound said...

There's a feral quality to today's Cons that's manifest from Harper to Poilievre.