Thursday, April 19, 2012

Canadian Progressive Voices

Like that?

Thanks to Pale of A Creative Revolution we have a new and exciting blogrol in the 'verse.

Canadian Progressive Voices is a gathering of people who believe, above all else, in the principles expressed clearly in the masthead. We share the belief that the inalienable rights established through centuries of slow progress are not to be taken lightly.

We are all human and each of us culturally different in our own way. Where we as a group do not differ however is in the defence of human rights. If I may, I will quote Dr. Dawg:
But when it comes to our unequivocal commitment to human rights, there’s no daylight between any of us. And what better basis of mutual agreement—our defining characteristic, if you will—could there be for folks who consider themselves progressive? That, in any case, is what brought us together.
Join us if you will. If you share that single most important commitment, the portal opens without further demand or the solving of puzzles.


  1. Oy. The launch will be forever known/mocked for tpyo in masthead.

    But, as I said at Dawg's, this is gonna be fun. No litmus test, no purity test. Join if you subscribe to the description.


  2. Saw that! Hey! It's a sign that it's going to be a good lot of fun.

  3. Bof I am the one who spotted it because it is my job(translator/copy editor/proofreader).

    Does not diminish value of the exercise.

    I might even take my blog out of mothballs! (Hid it because I got subtle threats and minor vandalism at my house. Was really sick at the time, no energy to sue the **B.)

  4. Yes, Line, decloak. We need all hands on deck.

  5. Does this mean no pirates allowed? No "Arrh, me hearties!"

  6. EXCITING...but I cannot get the badge to work in my widget when I copy and paste. Anyone else had this problem?