Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting a bit touchy 'bout Duffym, eh?

Witness an angry and confused Harper supporter call a reporter outside a Harper campaign event a "lying piece of shit".

Because swearing at and insulting reporters in the campaign press pool will lead to nothing but an election victory for Dear Leader.

Still, shows that Harper folks are feeling rather touchy about what is emerging from L'affair Duffy. 


the salamander said...

.. that was a Ted Opitz & Rob Ford supporter ? Perhaps he stopped at a tavern enroute to his 15 seconds of fame n infamy.. He certainly illuminated Canadians about certain aspects of the vaunted Harper Base.. 'Friend why don't you come this way and have a little sleepy time, but thanks for coming today.. and for your continued support and donations' .. and off he goes for some more Koolaid from the great leader

Scotian said...


The above link provides you with the history of the man, who he is, and how close he is with Harper and company. THAT is who this is.

Scotian said...

Re post at 19:54:

The information regarding to the identity was incorrect, I jumped the gun by not waiting for multiple source confirmation as I usually tend to do with such things. The fault is entirely mine, and this is my formal notification that I made this mistake. As a rule I do not delete my mistakes unless legal reasons compel it because I believe in owning up to them publicly rather than disappearing them, I consider it more honest. I try to be careful about such things, but no one gets it right 100% of the time, and this is one of mine. I formally note this, and make clear that the fault is mine for not waiting long enough for there to be independent confirmation of the information. I will plead a certain amount of fatigue at the time of posting didn't help, but that only explains, not excuses it in my books.

Again, sorry for this to all.

Boris said...

No worries at all, Scotian.