Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fighting fit opposition for election 2015? Unlikely.

Alison draws attention to the very, very slick Conservative election winning machine that we are up against now. These folks, an international political conspiracy if there ever was one, have their game worked out down to fine detail. It may even be enough to overcome the low polling numbers of the Conservatives and create a perverse second majority. They are cornered in the polls and will fight like mad dogs.

The opposition in Canada has nothing, nothing like it (unlike, say, Obama's crew south of the border!). We are instead crippled at the political and public levels. At the political level, we have the two major political parties unwilling to work together, each leveraging for the possible delusion their own decisive win against the Cons.

At the public level, we have what I see as (1) a grey old left-guard nostalgic for Douglas and Trudeau I; and (2) an highly educated youth movement that could be a potent force if it weren't so  preoccupied with the fad-mob of narcissistic, critical, victimhood-based identity politics that leaves it empty of any sort of collective vision other than endless bloody rhetoric policing, and infighting, or "powerful" emotional outpourings of one's deeply personal experience of victim-ness.

If we have an election this year, and we lose, it could well be our last.


West End Bob said...

If we have an election this year, and we lose, it could well be our last.

Scary thoughts Boris, but not at all unimagineable . . . .

e.a.f. said...

If we have an election this year and we lose some of us with dual citizenship may decide to take advantage of that other citizenship because Canada will no longer have a health care system and it will cease to be a democracy. Canada will start making dictatorships look good. I can see it now, Canadians applying to other countries for refugee status.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's a dark reality to be sure, Boris. I am told by friends in Vancouver who circulate a good deal more than I that there's a tangible change, that people are experiencing fatigue. They're simply tired of Harper - so I'm told.