Thursday, December 04, 2014

Out there, in the Harpercarnage

Oh, cupboardly man, I would not want to be in your shoes.

Here's the deal. As former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page put it at a talk in Victoria a couple of years ago, he's untouchable. Mr. Page lost a son, and in his mind there was nothing you or your minions could do to him after that experience that would hurt him.

Major Mark Campbell is a very capable man maimed beyond most people's comprehension on a mission you sent him. You've made him angry because you fucked him and his soldiers out of care and compensation for their wounds.

When the enemy blew away half his body, you turned around kicked the other half. You didn't support him or his brothers and sisters. You didn't withdraw them when you decided the war was pointless, and 51 were killed after that point and I don't know how many wounded. And you've cut compensation so they will spend their days 'managing' sort-of with their disabilities and horrors. What does that make you, if after the enemy has their go at the troops, you take a shot at them when they return? Seriously, what do you think that makes you?

Here's the thing: If you keep hurting people, taking things away from them, they eventually reach a point where they have much less to lose and far more to gain by taking you down. A person who can lose half their body in combat and still keep fighting is not someone you want to dick around.

Forget the useless Opposition, it'll be Maj. Campbell or someone like him who will destroy your government through the courts or the election circuit or some other very Canadian means. 

Cupboardly man, you and I don't know who you're fucking with out there.


the salamander said...

.. truth ..

& what's also interesting is how the Harper 'Legacy' will fare
(legacy is supposed to be a gift, by the way)

At some point the dire leakage will commence
just as with dear Jian.. witnesses victims etc
the worms will turn & talk & email docs - indisputable
and the black Swans will circle & follow Harper

How such a scumbag became PM is bizarre
and how he's stayed as PM is testament to just how rotten and weak
his cabal and so called 'base' really is..

Its a shame.. a travesty.. and our environment, collective identity as Canadians, our 1st Nations, out Vets, biologists, teachers have been trashed. The recovery will be arduous.. and lengthy.. our children and grandchildren cheated

With an opportunity of a lifetime presented to him.. Harper chose to attack the very fabric, values and physicality of a Country called Canada

gingersnap said...

Harper is every bit as nuts as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were. Harper needs a full mental evaluation. Harper is an evil scourge on this country.

You are absolutely right? Harper's cabal are, useless spineless gutless wonders, with no self respect what-so-ever. Harper's cabal are such cowards, they refuse to take e-mails.

Harper knows exactly how much he is hated? His security bill has doubled. Harper is also hated for, selling Canada to Communist China for 31 years.

Alison said...

"According to departmental performance reports filed with the Treasury Board, Veterans Affairs had the equivalent of 4,039 full-time employees in 2008-09. That number fell to 3,050 by 2013-14.

More than half of those cuts came from a program called Health Care and Re-Establishment Benefits and Services.

The program is in charge of helping with the physical, mental and social well-being of veterans and to “provide access to employment support, health benefits, home care and long-term care.”

Last year, there were 1,536 employees in that division, down 619, or almost 30 per cent, from 2009."

Chronicle Herald, Dec 4 2014

Owen Gray said...

What goes around comes around -- and it comes around with a vengeance.

e.a.f. said...

The undoing in Conservative held ridings will be the disgusting treatment of the Veterans by the harpercons. Many conservative voters simply won't go to vote. Some who voted conservative in the past simply won't vote any other way, but they may not be able to bring themselves to vote con, so they will stay home. The rest of us will go vote ABC.

whether we have a Green, Liberal, NDP, government the day after the election, I don't care, as long as its not harper and his cons.

Alison said...

No way the Cons are going to beat this guy