Friday, December 19, 2014

OK, cupboard

Well, we had to know that at some point the man would have to account for his cupboardliness in the face of danger. The excuses, sorry, reasons are apparently as follows.

1. His MPs hustled him away and stashed him with the mops and things.

2. The RCMP trained him to hide.

3. He's gets to see all the intelligence that no one else does so he alone understands the nature of the threats he faces and hid accordingly.

4. And lastly, he's simply too important to die.
"One of the things you try and do is conceal yourself if you can, but obviously the best situation is to exit," Harper said, adding the goal is for the prime minister to be able to continue to run the government.
Well, on the first and second counts, maybe. But then that suggests, especially in the context of third and fourth counts, the rest of his MPs and staff are, shall we say, expendable. Pity he didn't bother to share his apparently unique knowledge of threats with the rest of his caucus or the Oppositon. Not important enough, I guess.

None of that changes the fact that he hid in the cupboard while his peers faced death and he is now making excuses. 


gingersnap said...

The King and Queen refused to leave London during the blitz. They said, if the people had to face this bombing? Then they were staying with their people and they did.

Queen Elizabeth was threatened with a terrorist attack, if she attended the Remembrance Day Services. She went to those services anyway and laid the wreath.

Someone forgot to tell Harper, he wouldn't even be missed by the people. Harper is your typical sociopath, he only cares about Harper, saving his own miserable neck and to hell with the people.

the salamander said...

.. the CBC video recorded in the hallway is very illuminating.. The 'firefight' at the alcove fronting the Library lasts exactly 10 seconds followed by RCMP, police shouts. The gunman is dead at this point, quite possibly shot to doll rags by X number of shots & an autopsy to identify all bullet wounds & guns they were caused by, seems to have disappeared down Speaker Scheer's investigation rabbit hole.

What can we infer from the facts or lack of facts at this point?

Well, Stephen Harper must have hidden in the closet after the gunfire & sat there while his MP's barricaded the main door, fashioned spears & got busy on Twitter & phone calls. Later to be 'whisked away' & call his mom, who somehow was following the attack in the moments after

Tony Clement and several MP's bolted upstairs after the gunfire.. though he claims they ran right into the 'firefight'. Odd.. all within 10 seconds? We're left wondering if any of that group glanced at their fellow MP in his wheelchair before bolting 'right into the firefight'

Finally, we can infer the 'firefight' Harper, Clement et al 'heard coming right toward them' was a one way barrage of 20, 30 or more revolver shots well up the hallway. Since the 'authorities' won't mention any ammo on the gunman's body.. just a knife for mass beheadings, its likely he had no extra 30-30 shells. Nada, none. 4 shots at the Cenotaph during his murder of Cpl Cirillo, 3 or 4 within Parliament, 3 clearly heard. No sign of reloading on video we have seen or via witnesses & regardless, almost impossible while running or driving

No word from the authorities re number of fired 30-30 brass picked up during the homicide investigation, from the Cenotaph, either of two cars, the grounds or the hallway. The Winchester lever action must eject a fired shell to chamber a shell & fire again. Whether the perp had an empty rifle or if he was asked to surrender, trapped in the alcove one assumes by a locked Library door.. is not public information.

So did the murderer of Cpl Cirillo fire 7 or 8 shots from the rifle. Or did he fire more? Why the mystery? Hell has he been buried even?

Steve said...

manning up is okay when facing legitimate threats, but being a coward okay
with terrorists, be proud of that.

e.a.f. said...

the man's actions were those of a coward. he sends the young of this country to war, where they are killed and maimed, he himself, hides in a closet. Many other world leaders would not have done so.

/Betcha Putin wouldn't have hiden in a closet. The story keeps changing because the "great warrior" P.M. just can't be seen for the coward he is. He can't even stay in the country long enough to face political appointments. He won't face the First Nations women of this country and he won't face the disposed in the North. He hides behind his handlers, the RCMP, and his closet.

Oh, well maybe some day he will come out of the closet. Wouldn't that be fun.

Alison said...

Don't forget Pierre Trudeau refusing to move at the St-Jean Baptiste parade in the face of a barrage of bricks and bottles. Remember the context of bombings, kidnapping and murder. He could very well have been killed but wouldn't be cowed. That is courage and leadership.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm with Alison. So much so that I've conjured up a new title for our boy Harper, Captain Cowered.

Imagine the optics had the gunman broken into that meeting room and gunned down Tory MPs while furious leader cowered in the closet.