Monday, November 17, 2014

Soft targets and red herrings

The mentally questionable individual who posed as a decorated jumper from the RCR is a soft target and irrelevant. The scorn presently being heaped on him from military circles is unsurprising, but Mr. Gervais is a red herring. Stephen Harper has worn unearned RCAF wings and members of his government has appeared in uniforms complete with rank and unit insignia, not to mention received unentitled salutes.

The military members and police, serving and former, crying blasphemy at some random civilian might ask themselves if they are also willing to heap the same vitriol on the politicians who do likewise and cause real harm for veterans, not their simulcrum.


Unknown said...

I would suggest that Mr. Gervais use Harper's comparable violations as part of his defense argument.

Beijing York said...

I feel very bad for Mr. Gervais. He doesn't deserve this national humiliation especially after Harper, McKay and others have so freely pretended to be military on the public/world stage. He was wrong in doing what he did but look at what this country has become - we are begging every single man and woman be beholden to the military as the best thing ever.

kootcoot said...

President Eisenhower, who definitely deserved to wear a uniform, didn't consider it appropriate to wear when he was POTUS and simply wouldn't do it!