Sunday, November 16, 2014

Canada and Australia, alone in the world

G20 Summit lead-up, 2020

The world was not shocked today when the remaining G20 countries declined to extend meeting invitations to Canada and Australia over their stance on climate change. The intransigent position on fossil fuels taken by the national governments of these two countries distrupted last year's summit as the other G20 nations all but finalised a new energy agenda. An unidentified official from Japan suggested that Canada and Australia were excluded for both their roles as fossil fuel producers and that the main goal of this year's meeting was the finalise binding commitments on clean energy production across the G20.

The French foreign minister went even further, saying bluntly that the two countries were harmful to the G20 and a danger to the future of the Earth and said that if their over-leveraged economies were not already in steep decline due to the loss of major international markets for coal and oil and the maquiladorisation of the Canadian labour market, sanctions would be an option. "In five years or less, their economy will collapse anyway because nobody buys dirty fuel," the minister said to reporters.


Steve said...

Canada an international parriah this is goood for the future of Canada how? We are Netanyahoo on climate change and depend on the same colition on narrow minded idiots who do not care about self destruction becase they believe in revelation and hope to speed it forward to save their children from the consequences of stupid actions.

gingersnap said...

I resent Harper governing Canada, by his religion beliefs. Harper does not believe in climate change.

It is bad enough Harper sold Canada to Communist China. China has polluted much of their farmland and 40% of their water. Dead pigs came floating down China's rivers. When the Chinese farmers, protested their polluted farmland and water, they were beaten.

Because of Harper's religion and his dirty tar sands? Our climate has become worse and this also destroys food crops, all around the globe.

I had read, many of the Commonwealth countries are now fascist. And, the PM of Australia is as much a fanatic as Harper is.