Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Top 5 small arms ammo suppliers to ISIS by sample

The usual suspects. [pdf]

1. China

2. Soviet Union

3. United States

4. Russian Federation

5. Serbia

Number six in the sample is Romania, at half as much as Serbia. Some ammunition is manufactured in Russia but marketed by a US company. Others seems to be the result of captured US or US-supplied equipment in Iraq. Soviet is obviously quite old but then that country made enough bullets to fight a world war and supplied a bunch of proxy countries and other states over the years. What's remarkable though is the new manufacture stuff that's barely a year old.

You could say western action against ISIS is like cops taking the easy route and targetting the addicts and not the dealers.


The Mound of Sound said...

And who was cutting the cheques to cover these deliveries? Who placed the orders? Who negotiated the contracts?

Hint: It wasn't ISIS.

Steve said...

Bengazi was a CIA black Op delivering weapons to the Syrian Rebels once known as ISIS, now called ISIL and soon to be known as Tangled up and Blue.