Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Speakers in Houses

Well, we've always suspected The Mouthpiece takes his orders from the Great Grey Glans. Mr. Mulcair finally called him out on it, and duly punished. On Iraq no less, where the Harper Regime has deployed Canadian troops but won't tell us anything else about it. Trudeau the enabler apparently changed the subject. 


e.a.f. said...

and that is why Ms. May and the Greens are starting to look better than Trudeau the younger.

Canadians have the right to know what harper and his herd are getting Canada into. This constant "war mongering" language is so un Canadian and so unnecessary. If harper and his herd want to play with the big boys let them get the toys first. Right now as the saying goes, "harper has a big mouth and carries a little stick" and some of us think he is just a "".

Scotian said...

Trudeau the enabler, no, not a hint of partisanship there...

Seriously, you think Trudeau should get in between the LOO and the Speaker when the Speaker has already shown his lack of patience for said argument by acting the way he did? Really? I think Trudeau was just as well staying out of that one in the House at that time, and left the focus on each man for their respective conduct issue (and yes, I have serious problems with Sheer, but to attack the office of Speaker as bluntly as Mulcair did KNOWING that it is not the job of the Speaker to actually force answers from a government in QP to be related to the questions asked, it isn't like the Harper CPC have not done this before even back in the minority days is no better, and possibly worse than what Calandra did) to be the focus of the media, as it was.

This Trudeau the enabler bit is more than a little disturbing to me to read from those that supported Harper's main enabler, Jack Layton, and of course his loyal Quebec go to guy Mulcair. I'm fine with attacking Trudeau for policy or lack thereof, but don't go pretending that your side was any better since the fall of Martin (and in helping enable that too, which gave us the Harper regime in the first place) when it comes to being Harper enablers.

Something Dippers need to remember (and I do not know how many times I've said this in the past decade), the largest plurality of voters are not Cons, not Progs, but CENTRISTS. To attract the CENTRISTS you need to have any hope of ever becoming a government you need to sound RATIONAL to them, and the way you paint your opponents like Trudeau who is NOT the extremist that Harper is is a rather significant part of proving you aren't just as bad on the other side of the spectrum from Harper. THAT is the NDP's biggest challenge to forming government.


I like May quite a bit actually, but I am also a political realist, there is no way she and her party will play a role in the next election in removing Harper, the most she can do is siphon anti-Harper votes away from the party most likely to defeat him, the Libs. As I just noted, most voters tend towards the centrist POV, and Harper has proven himself to be an extremist now, and the NDP have carried that brand problem since their founding, and if Layton could not remove it by 2011, it is very unlikely Mulcair can in 2015. So whatever you think of Trudeau, he is still the most probable and best chance of removing Harper, which at this point should be any sane Canadian's first priority whatever their usual brand of politics.

Alison said...

Hilarious exchange with Calandra on Power and Politics last night.

Calandra was given his bit of PMO obfuscation to read aloud in the HoC on the subject of Canadian troop deployment because Harper was then in New York announcing a US request for further Canadian military involvement in Iraq in an interview with the editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal before a live audience of business leaders.

Chronicle Herald : Commons Speaker needs to resign

Purple library guy said...

"KNOWING that it is not the job of the Speaker to actually force answers from a government in QP"

Well, that's what he said, but apparently there are sections of the JD which say yes, it is.