Sunday, September 07, 2014

Food for thought: Harper, IS and terror in Canada

Until now, Canada is not a country that has openly committed military forces to conflicts where the adversary uses terror attacks on our soil as a weapon. Yes, there have been the occassional half-arsed terror plots in the past decade or so, but unlike some European countries and the US, we've not had commuter trains, subways, airports, and buildings bombed by radicals.

The number of European and North American passport holders fighting with Islamic State (IS) means the organisation is capable of attacking countries in these regions through terror. By way of comparison, the Taleban are a regional tribal entity, not an international terror organisation or Caliphate-bound army, and therefore posed little actual threat to Canadians on our home turf. They merely hosted a terror group and were punished severely for it.

The undemocratic decision by the Harper government to commit Canadian military units and arms to fighting IS increases the likelihood that sympathisers and returning combatants will launch attacks in Canada and kill Canadian civilians. This is an enemy that can hit back.

We shouldn't be surprised. It's not like Canadian lives ever matter to these fuckers anyway.


gingersnap said...

Well if, Canada is stupid enough to permit those countries people, to immigrate here? That is exactly what will happen in this country.

Harper rips into Putin for annexing the Crimea. However, Harper says nothing about, Communist China doing the exact same thing. China is menacing other countries, around the globe. We don't want the Communist Chinese on our, Canadian soil what-so-ever. And, Harper just had a secret meeting with China. Believe you me? We don't want the Communist Chinese taking over Canada. There is also Harper's FIPA deal with China. I signed the petition against, all of Harper's deals with China.

You damned right, there will be ethnic wars in Canada. Even foreigners taking our Canadian resource jobs, have to be segregated in their camps and on the job site.

You permit a lunatic such as Harper to run this country? Canada is going to be dead in the water, because of that fascist dictator.

Steve said...

When people say Europe but they really mean England. Canada has not been attacked by home grown other than the Trailer Park Boys. Despite Harpers seeking and sowing seeds of attack, I am confident we are short of Mulslim psycopaths. Luca Magnota on the other hand is a capitalist.

Alison said...