Monday, August 04, 2014

Stop killing people

The talk of two-state solutions, displacement, borders, violent Zionism, violent resistance, bombed schools, shelters, houses, kibbutzim, the opinions of various persons both thoughtful and blinkered is maybe just a little teeny tiny bit ahead of the game.

The current war on Gaza, for that's what it is, highlights the baseline condition for any peace:

Stop killing people.

Stop killing people.

Stop killing people.

Forget the politics for a while. Simply get the sides to agree to not kill each other.

Once they do that, they've will have achieved the single basic condition of peaceful coexistence.

The details can take the next generation to sort out if need be but the preservation of life must be paramount.

Imagine what Palestine-Israel would look like if all parties forswore violence.


gingersnap said...

And, stop Harper from encouraging Israel, to make war on Palestine. Harper is the ringleader, of those atrocities by Israel. Even having a support rally for Israel who, is killing the Palestinian children. Seems the dead Palestinian children are, merely collateral damage. Even the children playing on the beach.

I have read, Israel is fascist. That seems right as, Harper is a fascist too.

It is said, the Common Wealth is also turning fascist. Australia, Canada and Britain. England is harboring Harper's degenerates, Gordon Campbell and Nigel Wright.

Steve said...

Is it worth saying because I will come under nuclear attack. Israel is like us, a flawed democracy but still something resembling choice. Hamas et all is medieval. Sure we are taking future weapons to kill them. However the fact exists. Hamas et all do not recognize the state of Irsreal which is our kin.

People died in the middle ages on mass to establish our modern nations. Right now this understanding only exists on one side and I agree its diminishing. It may be a propaganda point but how much patience would you have for anyone sending rockets at your house indestnsically? Israel must be the only nation that lives by the Geneva convention when ever other power flaunts it? If you read my blog you know I am thinking aboot this intelligently.

One thing we can all agree on is stop the killing, its bad for both sides.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, I can imagine what Palestine-Israel would look like if all parties renounced violence. Only there'd be no Palestine left in the equation.

Purple library guy said...

@Steve: Hamas may be medieval, but they won an election. It was the US and Israel that quickly moved to annul the results and postpone future ones. Who was democratic, again?

As to the rockets . . . sigh. Let's go through the sequence again, shall we? First, we have a cease fire, which Hamas continued to respect for years despite Israel systematically breaking the terms under which it was declared. No rockets during that time. Then we have the move towards a unity government of Hamas and Fatah. The Israeli government seems to have been deeply worried by this. Then there's a kidnapping of three Israeli youths, which turns into a killing when it's botched. The Israeli government, knowing that the youths were almost certainly dead, and almost certainly knowing that Hamas had nothing to do with it, withheld this information from/banned publication by the press, so that they could do a massive assault on Hamas under the guise of trying to save the kids. After major damage, the usual random injuries and deaths, kicking in doors and ransacking thousands of houses, still Hamas refused to break the cease-fire. They started arbitrarily arresting literally hundreds of Hamas leaders. Cease-fire still held, even as Israeli mobs chanted "death to the Arabs" and burned a kid to death by pouring gasoline in his mouth. Then finally they outright killed about half a dozen Hamas leaders, for something they knew damn well Hamas didn't do, and then they finally got the rockets they wanted.

So tell me. You wouldn't stand for rocket fire on your home. Would you stand for what Israel does to Gaza? Of course you wouldn't. But Ay-rabs are supposed to 'cause they're brown and they come from the wrong branch of the Abrahamic religions, so they shouldn't have a right to get mad about being killed and assaulted.

Then you get the Israeli attack on Gaza. So what did they attack in Gaza? Hospitals. UN-run schools full of refugees. The one power plant. The sewage plants. Factories, such as there were. Systematic economic destruction, but also a systematic attempt at creating epidemics. When the cholera comes, the diphtheria, all the diseases that go with wading through shit and drinking contaminated water, when women and children are dying by having diarrhea until they dehydrate to death, what are you going to say then? Will that all be OK because Netanyahu successfully baited Hamas into firing rockets that killed, what, three people?