Monday, January 06, 2014

Killing Canada

Years ago I blogged here about the motivation behind Harper being one of absolute loathing for the country he happened to exist in. I can't seem to locate that post now, but I still think I have a point. Harper's goal is to destroy the Canada that you and I know and love, which is to say he aims to destroy Canada. Piece by piece, like some twisted Dark Age torturer with his victim.

Think of the end games. Ask, where does all this lead?

Replacing Canadian workers with cheaper foreign replacements without the same protections as Canadian workers, residents, and citizens.  Ultimately, this destroys the middle-class wages that sustain the collective wealth and economic health in the country. What is left is a nation of low-paid serfs, stripped of rights, and living in poverty. Manufacturing jobs will return to Canada under these conditions, but they will be what we now call sweat-shops. I shit you not.

It's already started in the Tar Sands and wait five or ten years and those young men with the six-figure jobs and oversized pick-ups and hangovers up there will be a distant memory.

The Canadian Forces will exist as a colonial armed forces deployable on whatever misadventures the politicians in the Five-Eyes Coalition of the Gullible think of next. Veterans will receive no benefit or care because the state, to a Harpermind, has no obligation to them. They volunteered, after all. So fuck them and their families if they get themselves killed or wounded. There'll be no shortage of recruits in our poverty-stricken land.

Science (environmental).
Year Zero. No baseline data, no knowledge. No firm evidence upon which to challenge government policy. So what, when a supertanker ruptures on a rock in BC coastal waters. So what, when a ruptured tailings pond kills every river and lake in Northern Alberta. They don't give a damn if the entire country is rendered toxic. They are too clever not to know what the impacts are. They just do not care. The bucks will be made by the 'right' people and Canadians will writhe in misery and solastalgia, happy days.

The useful idiots who vote Conservative are not exempted.


gingersnap said...

Harper has turned Canada into, a Fascist dictatorship. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. He had even hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning. That should have been enough to scare the hell out of everyone.

Thousands of jobs forecast for, Chinese Northern BC plan.
March 19/2011

And, that is only the tip of the iceberg, as to what Harper is doing to Canada.

Canadians are living in, very evil times. We went to war so, we wouldn't have an evil tyrant governing our Canada.

Ravyn Darq said...

Harper's attitude toward veterans always reminds me of a boy with toy soldiers. Once they are broken, you simply throw them away.
Frankly, so much of what the Conservatives do is childish, whatever the instance. It would be nice to have an adult in charge whose reasoning rises above the ten year old level, before the country is irrepairably damaged. Although it may already be too late, at least the adults can begin to mitigate the issues. Right now, that seems the best we can hope for.

Dave said...

Ravyn, a good analogy.

The conservatives (and by that I mean the "movement" and the party) are bereft of something.

They have dreams, as we all do. Nothing wrong with that, actually.

However, a dream in the mind of a child is a game.

A dream in the mind of an adult is not much different except that it involves a plan. And planning requires preparing for consequences. THEN it becomes a goal.

Our present day conservatives have dreams ... no plans ... no goals.

West End Bob said...

Not only are the useful idiots who vote conservative not exempted, my sincere wish is that they are on the front line of the destruction they and their ilk have cast upon a once great Canada.

It's only fitting that they reap what they have sown . . . .