Monday, January 06, 2014

In Canada

The rise of the Harper Government, means that it can now be said that "Canadian" spy agencies (CSIS, CSE, etc) work for private industry.

Now, should Enbridge or some other corporation decide that a pipeline or a shopping mall would look good in your neighbourhood but you don't, the spies may well have a look-see at you, your life, and the people you associate with.

The cooperation of the National Energy Board with the spies who are in turn cooperating with private industry means that the hearing process for proposed projects is deeply and terminally corrupt.

The implications of all this are profound and terrifying. If the spies are so in bed with the ideological agenda of the ruling party on this matter, toward what other matters have they whored themselves?


Neil said...

This could be used as an exemplar of fascism.

Dave said...

It IS fascism.