Friday, October 26, 2012

F-35, the song remains the same

Something about the head of the RCAF saying the fighter procurement office not yet receiving instructions to look at not-JSFs as options and then later saying he misspoke or something. Uh huh.

Anyway, for those still intersted, there's a link to the CBC item here. Me, this beyond the absurd and I'm finding myself less than interested in the outcome. 

The Cons, through intent and incompetence are now steaming at flank speed in their quest to destroy coherent and responsible government for China and Jesus.


the salamander said...

Even mainstream media are referring to our pantywaist Parliament now, as pompous and 'mainly ceremonial' .. comedy .. or a rabid partisan zoo.. what with silent, empty legislatures in Ontario and BC.. and Prorogation For The Nation as a central slimy pillar of The Harper Government 'accountability' promise.

And herr Harper wants his expensive military toys, wants a 'good old fashioned war' (check out Bob Dylan's song- John Brown - on that bizarre term). He wants to be a Petro-Power Wartime PM .. bring the big heat to Palestine.. or Indians in the Great Bear Rain Forest.. take out some Haida elders .. kind of what he sees as Conservative Counting Coup .. for the Economy You Know... and more jobs .. He needs to see himself on a postage stamp.. on our money.. on our passports..

Suddenly those unlikely political bedfellows and wannabe Alpha doggies John Baird and Jason Kenney are braying and spraying spittle about Israel, the UN, Palestine, cluster bombs are A-OK with them.. and proclaiming their undying love and respect for Ethical China. What do we expect from a neocolonial pomp & ceremony PM Economist wonk.. and his fawning faux courage Cabin Boyz?

Well .. I expect more seething Lord Of The Flies, maggots and dung beetle type behavior. Its not about politics, not about Canada, its never been about Canadians.. its about Stephen Harper and those who will always be known as part of his truly twisted pack of theo-neo-political animals .. Power -Payoff - Payback - Money - Control - Their Time In The Trough - Oink

Yes.. if there's anything about this government that's transparent .. its that any Canadian can see right through their bullshit .. 'We Stand On Guard For Thee' ...... right...

thebanana said...

the salamander wins the internet. Bravo!

The Mound of Sound said...

Boris, do you see any sign, anything, to suggest that the Harper regime is even slightly less committed to the F-35 than ever? All I can see is the standard Harper protocol of going to ground until the public simply loses interest and then surfacing for one giant push to drive the policy through.

Boris said...

MoS, no. There are machinations here that we can only guess and sometimes hypothesise.

Steve said...

If by some strange circumstance Obama is the next President there is an excellent chance the F35 will get at third trimester abortion. The reason is in a land that has more military than it can afford, the F35 is a very low hanging rotten fruit.