Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you paying attention, Bob Paulson?

This is only going to grow.

At least 25 current and former female RCMP officers are seeking to join a possible class-action lawsuit against the force for alleged mistreatment on the job, a lawyer involved in the budding legal action says.
Lawyer Alexander Zaitzeff, of Thunder Bay, Ont., who is building the case with six other lawyers in Ontario and B.C., said he's heard from Mounties in every province with stories to tell.
"Constant terrible bullying, a hateful work environment, a tough place to actually show up and do your job, all the way to sexual assaults," Zaitzeff said Tuesday. "That's the gamut."


Carmichael said...

Paulson won't be able to do anything to change the culture unless he starts by dismissing, with prejudice, the members involved in the Dziekanski affair. The prejudice having to do with their lies about what happened.

There may be another few who ought to be dismissed as well.

Any other road forward sends the message that members are still protected from the consequences of their actions and have a champion in the Commissioners office.

Knock me out with a feather if that happens.

double nickel said...

Also too, he needs to re-open the Ian Bush murder.