Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Andrew Sheer!

Your sense of ethics appears to be lacking.

House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer was a client of the firm linked to calls in Irwin Cotler's riding that falsely claimed he was about to step down, Elections Canada records show.
Cotler asked Scheer to rule on whether the calls breached his parliamentary privilege, interfering in his ability to do his work as an MP. Cotler said his office was forced to deal with calls and emails from people in his Montreal riding wondering whether it was true. He also argued it made Parliament as a whole look bad, breaching privilege for all parliamentarians.

 You're not one of those "25 year old jihadis" are you?

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Carmichael said...

Even the little Scheer did say will probably lead to his body being found in a dumpster behind 130 Albert.