Saturday, October 22, 2011

Can we have a General Strike already please?

Raitt has an idea.

The government has to look at changing the labour code to include the economy as an essential service, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt said Friday — a day after Air Canada and CUPE agreed to go to binding arbitration and avoid a work stoppage.
The "economy" you say? Well gee, just about any business or public service could be argued as contributing to the economy therefore striking members be open to accusations of disruption of "essential services."

The Conservative War on Labour continues apace.


Jon Dursi said...

Ooh, but then we _all_ get binding arbitration. Maybe even non-union folk, which would provide 70% of the workforce with *much* more negotiating power with their employer than they currently have.

I think I could live with that, actually.

Anonymous said...

Would this include the future prorogation of Parliament. They didn't seem to think pissing off for months on end at the very beginning of the financial crisis was an issue.
The hypocrisy of the Harper Party is staggering.

ThinkingManNeil said...
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ThinkingManNeil said...

Would this make taking a "mental health day" off work a felony?

If these lying, fascist ratbastards get any more subtle about union busting and their hatred of Canada and it's citizens I'm gonna have start selling irony pills