Monday, April 25, 2011

Pillow talk, baby...

Does anyone out there really think that what politicians say during an election isn't more than pillow talk?

The NDP is presently being attacked for critically commenting on its own platform.

Do you want the parties to promise you the stars, or tell you realistically what they might and mightn't do?

Personally, I appreciate it when people are up front about themselves - it usually saves the guessing games and tears later. You know, honesty and all that stuff we claim to want from our politicians.

Yet others, for whatever reason, seem like to use elections to get flattered and fucked by any smooth-talkin' old party.

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Dana said...

Hey, we already know what Canadians do to pols who play the honesty card.

Remember Paul Martin and the Gomery inquiry?

It's much, much better to lie and obfuscate.