Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Opinions and differences

Shorter Cons:

"What we did in 2006 doesn't count because we didn't do it in 2008."

"And besides, just in case, maybe, in the very off chance, we did do something illegal, it's all Elections Canada's fault for having so called 'laws' about elections."

Shorter shorter Cons? "Oh fuck."

Ya can't prorogue yer way out of this one, Stevo.


CK said...

Doesn't really matter. Harpercons now in majority territory--43%--Liberals--27% and NDP -- 13%


I've come to the conclusion long ago that Harper can murder his grandmother and he'd probably go up to 60%.

If you're a Harpercon, anything goes it appears--nothing must stand in the way of that destructive neo-con utopia.

Dana said...


Three years ago I was saying that Harper was already well into dead girl/live boy territory.

Feckin' hard to accept that our fellow citizens are this stupid, isn't it?

D said...

The last EKOS poll surveyed more than 1,800 Canadians than what Ipsos reported today -- putting the LPC and CPC in basically a neck-and-neck scenario when you count the margin of error.

And I'll take Ignatieff at his word when as he responds to Lawrence Martin's question on whether or not he's doomed to play John Kerry to Harper's George Dubya:

“I’m not John Kerry. I’m not Michael Dukakis. I’m prepared to fight. The idea that I’m going to go through an election campaign as some kind of Boy Scout is a serious underestimation of who you are looking at.”

And no one here should think that sitting back and HOPING he can live up to these words will stop a Harperite from gaining or holding a seat. It's time for everyone concerned about our Country to step their game up.

thwap said...

No. harper is toast.

His consistent criminality and his incompetence and his reckless tax cuts and his bone-stupid finance minister are a whole flock of albatrosses strung around his neck.

He's made too much noise about how immovable he is on his shit-headed policies to back down now, and this court ruling is the final nail in his coffin.

Dana said...

Man alive, thwap, haven't you been paying any attention at all for the past six years?

This is maybe the eleventyth time you or someone else has predicted that Harper is toast and every single time his polling numbers either remain the same or they rise.

Whatever you're smoking I want some.

Anonymous said...

Thwap is smoking the truth and with each embrace he is taking away part of Harper's Brand muffin.

Dana said...

Well I don't know who the hell you are pally but you certainly can turn a heroically pedestrian turn of phrase.

Count up the scandals, missteps, illegalities and various and sundry crap acts that the Harperites have committed over the past 5 years.

Date each one of them, dig up the polls from around that time and see what you find.

Try not to shoot your neighbours.

Kim said...

Interesting story to make you laugh, yesterday in Edmonton the troops were abuzz with the news of the Minister of Defense showing up for a photo-op. Turns out they sent an actor to stand in (presumabley to allow the brass to practice hitting their marks before the actual photo-op). Upon hearing the story, I couldn't resist commenting, "there's a good idea, we'll send actors overseas, to stand in for our troops!"

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

You know, people keep wondering why there's been no peep out of committee on the afghan detainee scandal. I've wondered it myself... but I also have to consider that perhaps it's more a question of the timing.