Thursday, November 04, 2010

Conscientious Objector? Fleeing Rat?

Pale wonders. So do I.
Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice has announced he is leaving politics to join the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
It's a funny thing about the environment, it gets to you when you learn about it and spend time in it. Mr. Prentice would have read things and spoken to scientists and people. Walked in the forest, and stood by lake and stream. And then turned down proposed mines. 
Or maybe the other members of his party got up his nose a little much. 
Of course, none of this would have pleased the pasty Minion of the Tailings Pond at 24 Sussex. 

One does wonder.


Holly Stick said...

Remember that Prentice has been refusing to do much about climate change until the US decides what it will do; presumably this is the Harper policy.

Now the US has elected more deniosaurs, they will be too busy runing McCarthyite hearings against climate scientists to actually do anything useful about climate change.

So probably Prentice did not want to keep on in a deadend portfolio where he is not accomplishing much.

Beijing York said...

I never understood why Prentice wasn't given a more prominent role given Harper's goal to appear less frightening to the Canadian public.

Was Steve the spiteful driven by jealousy? Two of his three portfolios were for issues that Harper doesn't care about: Aboriginal people and the environment.

istvan said...

They are ALL PAISTY faiced.

Informed Despite Education said...

Jim Prentice was an alternative the party was looking at. He seemed like the kind of guy you could actually stand behind and not get rolled over when he hits reverse. It does not surprise me in the least that Harper installs him in two positions he expects failure, because it gives him a convenient scape goat and removes a potential threat. Sounds like Harper to me, he always has tried to kill two birds with one stone.