Saturday, August 14, 2010

Toews' Terrorists

I've been watching with disgust Vic Toews spew his rotten rhetoric about "terrorists" into the ship load of Tamil migrants now being dutifully processed by Border Services and Immigration people. I don't know what exactly it is about the dark-skinned, usually desperately poor "other" that froths up Conservative mouths and minds, but it is ubiquitous. Australia saw the same thing around MV Tampa nine years ago and their resident nativists hissed and spit and sputtered invective. I suppose it's something that the government hasn't made a big show of grossly mis-deploying the SASR JTF-2 to show Toew's terrorists we mean business and direct them to hasty camps on a rock in the Beaufort Sea.

Nonetheless, it is a sordid affair and reeks of selective outrage. I'm listening to CBC radio news talking about 70 000 disappeared Tamils at the hands of the government during recent civil war. You know, the sort of thing that we use to justify massive military interventions. But no, because we had to pick a side in that civil war, the Sri Lankan government are the good guys and the other side, the militant Tamil Tigers and by inference all Tamils became the bad guys. So the mollycoddled and comfortably provincial Toews and his government gets to project reeking bile about people coming from lifeworlds that are beyond their addled imaginations and a entire astral plane beyond anything they are ever likely to endure. Rewind the clock 35 years, and they'd be South Vietnamese and he'd be all about how welcoming Canada must be for these victims of Communism. Remember when we used to call them boat people and refugees? Victims of war? Not criminals, people smugglers and terrorists.

In that light, it is worth reading Eugene Forsey's commentary.

...But what does one say of people who consciously, cynically, whip up unfounded racism and xenophobia simply as a way of deflecting attention from a government's manifold failures? Is it better or worse if they are "honestly" racists, or simply pretending to be such as a way of cynically achieving a short-term political goal? Tough question. One way or another, they are really, truly the scum of the scum of the scum bubbling up from the shit of the parasites that feed on cockroaches. And I'm probably too kind. This is truly evil, almost unimaginably so for me. The people who are doing this are beyond excuses and beyond redemption. They are completely undesirable. They are unCanadian. According to their own supposed illogic, the right response would be to strip them of their citizenship, bundle them in tight unsanitary quarters on a slow ship to Sri Lanka, and have them be held in Tamil internment camps, and "interrogated" by the Sri Lankan authorities. If they're lucky, they won't be killed. Or maybe that would be too kind an end: long-term internment like that of the victims of their cynical racism might be a worse and more worthy fate for these amoebae of the underworld of the soulless.

God help us, that our politics and media are come to this. If I could resurrect their parents, or find those that are living, I'd like to have them understand just how evil their children have become, and force those children to sit and absorb the judgment of the parents and grandparents. That might be worst of all. Who. Are. These. People? W. T. F.

Almost nothing is bad enough for them. God damn them to hell. And I mean that.
Yes. Exactly.

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