Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Christie's Chronicles: middle-class lesbian youth riot conspirators from Southern Ontario

Oh she's at it again. Maybe not as pornographic as her comments about police, but there she is nonetheless.

The 17, including a group of four alleged leaders from the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance, are facing charges of conspiracy to commit mischief, conspiracy to assault police and conspiracy to obstruct police.

Conspiracy? So the charges do not appear to include items involving the actual commission of mischief, assault and obstruction, only conspiracy to do so. If, as she suggests, police were monitoring this group before the protests, then it might be a fair question as to whether the charges actually stem from evidence gathered before the G8/20 and not during, and thus whether the charged actually committed said offenses at the G8/20 before they were arrested. Nor might we know of the exact context from which the charges stem without seeing the evidence. For example, did someone say in an email or such "dude, if I get attacked by cops, I'm totally going to fight back!" or was it more to the effect that the individual actually go out of their way to assault someone? Nevertheless, onward go Blatchford.

The conspiracy charges reflect the police and prosecutorial claim that the rampage of rioting in downtown Toronto over the last weekend in June wasn’t the spontaneous outburst of idealistic youth whose passions overtook sense, but rather planned and deliberate destruction.
Looking at the video footage and reading witness accounts from the G8/20, call it a "rampage of rioting" by protesters seems a little extreme, no? Rampage of arrests might be closer to the truth. And given the big fat question marks over the failure of 20 000 police to stop the burning of patrol cars and the smashing of windows, one does wonder about who exactly engaged in "planned and deliberate" destruction. Certainly, according to Blatchford's own words, the accused only, possibly maybe, thought about it. Ploughing deeper...

Practically speaking, the bans also allow for publicity of another sort – defence lawyer and fan club spin, for instance – to go unanswered, with allegations of egregious police misconduct, even brutality, languishing in the air unchecked and unchallenged for years.

Oh, she wants a show trial she does. Make it public - pleeeeeeeaaasse! that way we can show all those accounts of police brutality as LIES LIES LIES I TELL YOU!! THEY'RE ALL LIES! BY PROBABLE LESBIANS! LESBIAN LIARS! LESBIAN LIARS WITH GOOD TEETH!

From the glimpses gained on the video screen and hallway conversations, the G17 for the most part appear to be the middle-class progeny of the middle-aged urban professional class of this country. They are, in other words, reasonably affluent, lucky, mostly white kids with good teeth.

Fortunately, someone else did give up their seat, and the two women were able to sit together, though frankly, it looked as though what they really wanted was a room; they were constantly stroking each other’s hair, doing deep-breathing and clucking softly.

Tokyo Rose, Baghdad Bob...we need a name for Ms. Blatchford that is safe for work.

Ick. That was painful.

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