Thursday, April 01, 2010

POLL: While we're banning Niqabs..

...and consequently denying Muslim women their own agency and possibly creating circumstances that keep them indoors and out of public sight, because some people don't like they way they dress, perhaps we might also do something arguably much more socially productive and ban adolescent males from wearing their trousers around their knees.

Because seeing some pimply dude's gitch disturbs me a hell of a lot more than some fine textile drapped over a woman. The former looks crass and I can't help but wonder if I should offer the wearer my belt. The other whispers of mystery and ancient custom. Regardless of whether I agree with the religious sentiments behind it, it is definitely not the former - in my biased view.

Anyway, I thought I might ask readers what they think. So on the right side bar you'll find a poll box with multiple choice responses. It'll stay up until some definite trends appear and then I'll post the results.

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