Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey Asshole!

That'd be you there Chuck. About that gay agenda, if you want to call it that, might just be predicated on educating our children so our future society isn't full of dark age retrogressives who do shit like this:
The Edmonton Police Service is conducting an internal investigation to determine why a vicious assault was not investigated until nearly four days after the incident. Shannon Barry, 31, suffered a broken jaw, a crushed left eye socket and facial nerve damage after being kicked in the face early Saturday by a man who hurled sexual epithets at her before the attack. Barry, who is a lesbian, is recovering at home after surgery Wednesday to implant two plates in her face.

And yes, I'm talking about the both the cops who failed to promptly investigate as much as the criminals who actually committed the assault. As well as your portly self, Chuck, for promoting a belief system that sees certain people as untermensch, thereby enabling the above.

Also, if you're so concerned about the Ontario premier unduly listening to special interest groups, howzabout you lead by example and shut the fuck up with your special little anti-human agenda-deus.

Now go read Montreal Simon take "Dr." McVety to the cleaners.

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