Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dear Liberals,

Is there anything, anything at all that the Conservatives might do that would cause you to, you know, DO SOMETHING substantive?

Contempt of parliament, and it's "not necessary to go to the wall"? By definition, given parliamentary supremacy, this is going to the wall. Yet somehow you've managed to once again parse and render it all meaningless.

You're worse than useless as an Opposition. It's like you're in one of those abusive relationships where you will complain and complain, visit the ER once a month, see a councillor but you just can't bring yourself to do something about it. Which is understandable given the psychology of abuse and all that and part of the process of victimhood. Except you're not married to the Cons (are you?), you are actually their political adversary. Should they fail to perform the duties of responsible government, you are supposed to find ways of defeating them, not live with them.

So why the flinching? It's weird and creepy, like you're some sort of insane stalker of the CPC who thinks you're married or destined to be or something. What's the matter with you? Are you a giant sad sack of gutless bloody wonders or do you just play one for the Conservatives?

Are you waiting for the 'right moment', perhaps when parliament is permanently prorogued and the slimy bigot Jason Kenney is waddling through Church and Wellesley in jackboots like some neo-Goering?

And no, it doesn't matter a whit if Lee claims to be acting on his own. His behaviour is emblematic and could apply to any one of you individually or as a whole over any issue concerning Conservative skullduggery. Good God, what is your point as a party? Why do you even let yourselves continue to exist? You stand for nothing.

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