Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She's thought about it alright...

The slightly Not Work Safe US Representative Nancy Elliot (R-New Hampshire) does a little fantasizing, thinkering:

Aside from the obvious and ubiquitous, yet unacknowledged, conservative ideal that because they don't like something nobody else should either (and if they do, they should be prevented from doing/reading/observing it because the thought of somebody else, anyone, they don't know doing something that doesn't affect them is simply intolerable), one does begin to wonder (yet again) exactly how much time these people spend thinking about the kinds of sex, (or skin colours, religious affialiations, political bent, hair styles, clothing, etc) they apparently don't like so much that they must tell everyone else and then pass laws against it, repeal laws that allow it, and/or hold large public events where they can air their claimed not-fetishes? (That was a long question.)

I sometimes think perhaps the inner fear of many extremists, no matter the stripe, and consequent driving motivator is that they really are what they rally so hard against. Are conservatives for example, secretly terrified of the idea that they really are free to do most of what they want provided it does not non-consensually harm others? Is this why they fling the word 'freedom' about, but fail to acknowledge its meaning outside of what usually amounts to very narrow economic terms? Are the lot of them in the closet on millions of other issues? Do they secretly want to be bin Ladinite terrorists? Do they secretly want to be...swarthy? Or smoke weed? Or twirl fire in Thai pants with the hippies on the beach and grow their hair out? Pay taxes? Is the entire rightwing movement better understood as some deep emotional-psychological reaction against the potential of the self? Post-freedom depression (DSM V is due soon...)?

Right, I suppose this is what I get when I myself try thinkering at 12.40am. 'night ya'll.

And the Retraction
(h/t POGGE!):
"During the executive session on House Bill 1590 I made a statement concerning the curriculum in the Nashua school system which I believed to be true. Upon inquires from the speaker, I repeated the statement. This statement made in the Judiciary Committee had caused some controversy so I went back to my source for the statement to verify the information that I had received. I found that I could not confirm the accuracy of the information..."
At least it appears she had the decency and humility to retract what she should not prove. Still, it is amazing that Elliot instinctively believed the outrageous without confirmation. The woman's mind must be a fascinating place full of sphincterial unreality.

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