Thursday, February 25, 2010

One does wonder...

Remember this?
The Canadian Foreign Minister, Lloyd Axworthy, has ordered an investigation into allegations that Israeli secret service members are still using Canadian passports for covert operations. But he admitted that there was no evidence to support new allegations, reported by a Canadian television programme on Tuesday, that Mossad is still seeking Canadian passports. Israel undertook to take steps to end the practice in 1997, after Israeli agents were caught carrying doctored Canadian passports. The agents bungled an attempt to assassinate Khaled Meshaal, a leader of the militant Islamic Hamas movement, in September in neighbouring Jordan.
Well the Australians, British and Irish governments are pretty upset over the latest repeat, with Australia going so far as to summon the Israeli ambassador to explain events (evidently not buying the Israeli policy line of ambiguity regarding little things like assassinations, and providing a good example the Australian high art of calling bullshit).

However, jumping into the realm of hypotheticals, I can't help but wonder, given the Harper regime's pathologically uncritical support of their Israeli ideological allies (oft erroneously confused with Israel-whole, and Jews in general in the public discourse), what would their reaction have been if Canadian passports had turned up? Would the current government now voluntarily provide Israel with Canadian passport blanks?

Hmm, how would such as scenario impact Canada's non-presence in the UAE?

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