Friday, February 26, 2010

Helena's "Hell-hole"

By now most of us have probably read accounts of Helena Guergis' birthday tirade* at the security gates at Charlottetown airport. Helena clearly inhabits a hell-hole but it is certainly not at YYG. If she perhaps spent 10 seconds reflecting on her life, she might consider that working under a sociopath, being married to an apparent coke using drink driver, caught up climbing the career ladder in a political party that makes a point of dismantling the kinder and more compassionate instruments of state, and so forth, constitutes imposing a particular kind of hell on oneself. Guergis, politics aside, is clearly a deeply miserable individual.

*Lord knows what would have happened to one of us wee proles if we'd thrown our boots, yanked on a locked door to the apron, and raged around the CATSA staff and Air Canada people like that. Something tells me missing our flight would suddenly be the least of our worries.

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