Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Vatican,

I take issue with your simple dogmatic and doctrinaire construction of a judgemental and vengeful sky-god. Given what we now know about everything from quarks to black holes, and the fact we mere humans are made of the same matter as stars, your belief in an emotionally fraught deity seems to be a little simple minded. I also find your psychological thuggery of worship or go to hell, don't fuck or go to hell, say your Hail Marys or go to hell, to be at complete odds with the sort of all encompassing compassion idea that Jesus (much like Buddha et al) actually suggested. Not to mention being more indicative of a personality disorder than any sort of all forgiving divine master. Further, I find your raw, naked abuse of two millenia of amassed power, resulting in rivers of blood, suffering, and recently the despicable defence of the paedophiles amid your troops, to be worthy of the hell you threaten so many others with if they do not heed your 'teachings'.

And now, as we humans discover that several centuries of blood-soaked planet-rape that began largely when Church married early European colonial-capitalism to promote, nay, provoke its scare-doctrine, is actually threatening human survival, you come along to tell us to nevermind all that because your skygod gets jealous and might feel left out.

It is obvious that it's not your God who is jealous. It is you, his self-professed terrene representatives, because you find yourself increasingly irrelevant as the human species matures, like a child into adulthood, beyond the need for parental gods and devils and moves into the space where it understands that it is master of its own fate. And builds the confidence to proceed as such.

Please do keep rendering yourself irrelevant. We'll all be much better off.


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