Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's because they're fascists

Impolitical has a great round-up of the media responses to Federal Court's beasting of the Harper government on Abousfian Abdelrazik:
A supposed "law and order" government that hypocritically puts on elaborate presentations replete with backdrops full of nifty slogans to make a show of being strong criminal justice types. That "law and order' posturing is a farce in the face of these repeated rulings. On the one hand they seek to ratchet up penalties and sentences, yet on the other, when they're the ones being handed a sentence in the form of these lost Federal Court cases, they ignore those judgments. They're the lawless ones with no moral authority to support their latest electoral gambits. They cynically count on the Canadian people not to understand their hypocrisy.
I am reminded of this old post of Dave's:

You know, the problem with any government that promotes a "law and order" agenda is that they originate it from the eyes of policing. Justice never enters the picture.

What that government wants is compliance from citizens at the most base level. You will obey and comply with the demands and requirements of the police. The courts never enter the picture.

In a just society the police are not the appliers of justice. That comes from the courts. In a just society, the police are witnesses in the process of the application of justice. In that regard, they possess no greater power than any other citizen, because the courts of a just society will not allow it.

Decide what you want, because any government which promotes itself as a "law and order" regime has no interest in justice.

Why else would they allow and assist in the incarceration and torture of Canadians in foreign realms and then go out of their way to prevent their return? Justice would prevent it done here.

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