Saturday, September 20, 2008

On Viciousness

Via Red Tory, I learn that the CBC's Heather Mallick posted earlier an analysis very similar in content and tone to my Palin post. First, I had not seen Mallick's piece until today, so I was unaware of it when I wrote mine - I would have linked it had I known. Second, I learn from RT and CBC's comments section that the tone and not necessarily the content was indeed offensive to some. I fully agree that it is offensive, but should it be pulled? Should apologies be made? No and not only for free speech arguments.

Why? Because an intellectually dishonest movement rooted in blinkered interpretations of 250 year old assumptions about human nature and a mediaeval perversion of a 2000 year old religion espousing love, peace and justice, with the 8 years' blood of several hundred thousand of our fellow humans on its hands, that actively pushes social policies that harm the most vulnerable members of society, that espouses a market ideology now squarely threatening the future life and livelihood of billions, warrants no quarter.

A savage rhetorical throat-punch or two should be the least of its worries. Because we're fucking pissed.

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