Monday, May 12, 2008

ein ego, ein reich

CBC, today:

The Tory government announced a 20-year, multibillion-dollar plan to strengthen Canada's military, which includes the purchase of new aircraft, armoured vehicles, ships and helicopters, and a goal to expand the Forces to 100,000.

Referring to it as the "Canada First Defence Strategy," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the long-term investments in the military could reach costs of up to $30 billion.

"If a country wants to be taken seriously in the world, it must have the capacity to act. It's that simple," Harper said Monday at the Halifax Armoury, joined by Defence Minister Peter MacKay. "Otherwise, you forfeit your right to be a player. You're the one chattering on the sideline that everyone smiles at, but no one listens to."


And with that, the PM declares it de facto Canadian policy to uncritically join whatever great bathtub gin-logic scheme rooted in Euro-American imperial nostalgia and ethnocentrism comes next. But, hey, some pretty ribbons with exotic names will get sewn onto fancy flags, politicians and patriotic cartoons can wax about bravery, glory and post firefights on youtube.

Of course, some poor brown people on the other side of an ocean, who probably couldn't find Canada on a map, let alone identify its PM, have just had their life expectancies unknowingly severed.

Beware the glory-seekers.

Caveat: All this is contingent on whether this band of walking obscenities can keep this 'promise.' The track record is not good.

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