Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conspiracy theory

Try this

Reading this and now this put a sinister thought in my head.

It is painfully obvious to many by now that the Con’s Arctic boat project is a con. Just what kind of con remains to be seen, so here's my theory.

It would have been just as easy and a thousand times more practical for super Steve to announce a new fleet of Coast Guard ice-breakers or submarines or even some more of these.

So why not the useful stuff; why an imaginary class of ships?

Mr. Stephen is much too deviant and cunning to announce this out of stupidity – I can’t buy that argument. What I do suspect is that he’s not serious about Arctic sovereignty, but is serious about appearances of such. He needs to be. He’s outlined a system clearly designed to be an ineffective clusterfuck to implement and he knows this. Why? Could it be that he secretly supports the US idea of a neutral Arctic open to trade and is maliciously scuttling the capacity to enforce sovereignty in the Far North, while appearing to do the opposite (elections and all)? Difficult to conclusively prove, I know, but I wouldn’t put it past them…

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