Friday, January 08, 2016

IlLiberal advice

So the Grit briefing book suggests "deepening" ties with Saudi Arabia, hence the deal for the little tanks.

Seriously, who gives this advice? And why in good heavens would a Liberal listen to it? (Dion, you're a sociologist and should get this.)

LOOK at the trend, the violence across the region is worsening, spilling over borders along Sunni and Shia lines.  Well armed regional powers, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, the actors in the strange civil war in Syria, are the defining actors. Powers like Russia and the US are playing supporting roles, largely reacting to events, trying leverage one favourite or another. The are not really dictating to or controlling anyone or anything.

Supplying arms to any side simply lubricates the downward slide. If (WHEN!) things slide further, there is not guarantee whatsoever that the 'side' anyone backs now will continue to look in any way favourable.

Canada has no dog in this fight beyond the role of peacemaker. We are not arsonists.


Danneau said...

There is also the cautionary tale that is Libya where Ghadaffi's stashes of arms got thrown to the winds, mostly hostile, and have come back to perpetrate multiple bites in the posterior, some in places far from Libya. We KNOW that the LAVs will be used indiscriminately against anyone opposed to the Wahabists, but when the House of Saud disintegrates, wherefore their weapons? There are no good options following from this transaction.

Steve said...

Is a Saudi the most dangerous man on the planet?

The Mound of Sound said...

Curious how we didn't hesitate to sanction Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism yet every major terrorist attack from the embassy bombings to the USS Cole to the first attempt on the World Trade Center to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to the attacks on Madrid, London and Paris to al Qaeda, al Nusra and ISIS, have all been the handiwork of Sunni Islamists right out of the Saudi mold and often with under the table support from the sheikhs, emirs and princes of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

Unknown said...

The people of old Mississippi
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