Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Biologically wired" General Lawson

General Lawson makes mealy-mouthed excuses for sexual misconduct by the people under his command. Don't believe me? Look at this.

This isn't leadership, this is a fucked-up mix of management-speak and personal pop-theory about human nature and organisational behaviour resulting in a can't-do attitude to a difficult problem because it might be hard or something. Another name for that sort of attitude is 'cowardice' and militaries used to punish it severely. Look at him: he looks scripted by spin-masters and not even angry or embarrassed!

If Mansbridge was a journalist and not a celebrity, he'd have smelled blood and gone for the jugular, asking Lawson where his theories come from and whether this meant he'd not enforce military law against sexual transgressors. WHEN Lawson stumbled, he'd have pressed him until he found himself so deep in a hole he'd be retired before the end of the week.

Compare him to the Australian Army commander's thinking. It's beyond embarrassing.

General Lawson has the power, authority, and duty to set the standard of behaviour, attitude, and discipline across the armed forces and remove people who fail to meet that standard. He has demonstrated an attitude far short of that mark that would lead to a disciplinary hearing or dismissal in any other self-respecting workplace.

Lawson should resign or be removed immediately.


Scotian said...

I thought Lawson showed Mansbridge exactly why there is still major sexual harassment/assault issues in the Canadian military with this response! The level of fury this comment caused in both my wife and I as we saw/heard it is beyond my ability to describe. I would simply say this and his "retraction/apology" that followed show exactly the culture that is at the heart of the problem in our military, pure and simple.

Not something I like seeing, nor saying.

Cathie from Canada said...

I couldn't believe that anyone could say this, or think it. No wonder there are problems.

Purple library guy said...

Gee, so if it's all about how people are wired biologically that must mean there's the same amount of sexual harassment and assault in all organizations! Hmmm, no, don't think so.

Dana said...

"A gifted pilot and natural leader, Williams was a rising star in the Canadian military, a respected officer who ferried the Queen and prime ministers before earning the top job at the country’s most important air force hub. Yet by the time he assumed command in July 2009, he was literally a monster in uniform, a relentless, obsessive stalker hiding in colonel’s clothing. Now a few weeks shy of his 51st birthday, Williams pleaded guilty to 88 charges and is serving a life sentence at Quebec’s maximum-security Port-Cartier Institution. If he lives to be 72, he will be eligible to apply for parole."

Can't help but wonder if this guy was promoted by other men who were perfectly aware of his eccentricity .

Certainly seems possible given Lawson's 19th century mindset.

Quote from http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/russell-williamss-wife-knew-he-was-a-predator-victim/

Alison said...

Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison's powerful message in 2013 against similar unacceptable behavior in the Australian army and his call for "moral courage" to root it out: "If that does not suit you, then get out. ...The standard you walk past is the standard you accept."

Steve said...

More egrious defence think. The perfect conservative defence platform.

The Mound of Sound said...

Biologically wired - why, there's the solution! Why not biologically wire a couple of electrodes to this guy's cojones and then let him ride a bit of lightning. Bet that would cure what ails him.