Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lies and Syria

So the House has voted and the Con majority wins. RCAF pilots will now cross the Syrian frontier under questionable legal cover. Canada joins the US and a handful of Arab countries in a de facto alliance with brutal Syrian dictator in a civil war fighting an equally brutal and complicated collection of resistance forces. That the Conservatives brazenly lied to get us there is also telling.

Moreover, this most recent lie fits a consistent pattern of lying about Canadian military operations from Afghanistan, Russian aircraft and ships, and now Iraq and Syria.

Most of the recent lies appear designed to glorify and embellish the dangers faced by CF units. Now that the cupboardly man has ordered the RCAF over Syria, its pilots face a truly horrific fate if they have to eject for any reason (e.g. mechanical failure or SAM). What will the government say then?

What hell is wrong with these people?

You know, I'm half starting to think they've given up on government and are doing what a bunch of adolescent lads do when they sense they've pissed off the landlord and an eviction notice is coming -  trash the place: "Let's dig ourselves as deep as we can into the Syrian mess, just not table a budget, because that'll really fuck Trudeau and Mulcair and the rest of the public who has to clean up after us."


Steve said...

To bad they where not flying the single engine thin skinned fire suppression missing F35. Because the real goal of this mission may be electoraly sexy al la Lisa Rait and cancer casualties.

Randall said...

You think there will be an "after them". Your optimism is touching.

Purple library guy said...

It is perhaps worth noting that Assad, while no doubt still brutal, is no longer a dictator. It was not widely reported on, but in fulfillment of some promises Assad actually held an election a year or two ago. Despite the danger, turnout was high, even or perhaps especially among refugees, who made trips back or crowded the embassies.
Unsurprisingly, the guy everyone had heard of who was not a frothing fanatic trying to destroy the fabric of the country, won. So now Assad is just a brutal prime minister . . . much like, say, Stephen Harper except that Assad inherited his Bill C-51 rather than being the perpetrator of it.

Alison said...

Glen McGregor : Today's episode of the @jkenney follies: "New shit has come to light, man," wherein the CDS eats a pile.

Pugliese : Lawson admits allies using smart bombs in Syria, despite Kenney claims

"on Tuesday night Lawson admitted he was wrong.

“Since the publication of the letter below, in which I stated that the United States was the only nation that used advanced precision-guided munitions in Syria, new information has come to light,” Lawson explained in a statement. “A coalition ally has in fact used advanced precision-guided munitions in Syria on at least one occasion. The information contained in the letter, and which was provided by the Canadian Armed Forces to the Minister of National Defence, was based on the best information available at the time it was written. This error is sincerely regretted.”

Department of National Defence sources say Lawson was pressured by Kenney’s office to issue his original statement supporting the minister."

e.a.f. said...

Perhaps they like children being evicted, but that would require some knowledge and a lack of ego. The Cons believe they are there for life. their god has ordained.

You see it wouldn't be one of them burned alive. it won't be one of them being dragged through the streets or having their limbs cut off. no "great warrior" P.M. will be hiding in a closet somewhere along with the rest of his cowardly men.

Now if Putin would just give Assad acess to /Russian air space this could be really funny, like ?Syria throwing a few bombs our way. it most likely never went through the /cons minds, but really, would not the Syrians be well within their rights if they came and bombed some of Canada. I certainly would not hold them at fault. We came to their country uninvited and bombed them. if they come to Canada and bomb us, I truly will understand. it will be the Con's fault. Nor would I expect the Americans to come to our aid. harper has said enough nasty things about or to Obama. It was all well and good for harper to say, "we're not excepting no" when the Americans were not accepting Keystone. What harper and his clown cons don't understand, these people in Syria are not like the American President.

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