Friday, February 20, 2015


You guys know the Harper Government is not forever, eh? That Bill C-51, with all the whizbang spy-and-dick-with-everyone-and-make-everything-illegal bill looks shiny and fun, but it sets you up for a terrific fall. Here's why.

First, despite what it might think, the Harper government is just a government and PMSH is just a man. Until they actually ban or render illegal the Opposition parties, they're in jeopardy. Remember, only 30 or 40% of us enough vote for his party. Most of us aren't cool with that freakin' guy because, like C-51, we find him rather creepy and weird. This year or some other year, they will lose an election to a party that will make undoing all their bullshit a priority. It could very well be that the next government imposes so many controls on your operations you'll need parliamentary committee approval to order new stationary - if you're lucky. If you're unlucky, they completely restructure your respective organisations.

Second, the Bill and the RCMP report basically put your agencies in opposition to most of Canada. Canadians get out and protest a lot, about a lot of things, and mostly very peacefully. We've been doing it for a very long time and a little law or two ain't gonna change that basic tendancy because we're quite accustomed to being free to do it. Especially when the things people are protesting now appeal to an increasing range of people. The pipeline protests in BC aren't just a bunch of treehuggers, they're also your Timmies crowd who are suddenly waking up the risks of having a bloody tar-hose in their yards or on their coast. You're potentially setting yourselves up to investigate and arrest millions of people. Read that again: millions of Canadians. That's how big the net is that you're casting. Especially when you consider the younger generation who will form your recruiting base and be your bosses in a few years, are aware of the consequences of climate change and the contribution of petroleum to that problem and desperately want it fixed.

You are being set up to attack Canadians in the defence of dying industry on a dying planet. Do your homework on this.

Seriously, there is no long-term win for you here.

Third, my last point, is that if we do not kerb greenhouse gas emissions and radically reduce our use of fossil fuels, there won't be a CSIS or RCMP left in 20 or 50 years. Flooded coastlines, megadroughts, storms, and so on will wreck the global economy upon which the Canadian economy (including the oil industry) depends, and with it, Canada in general.

To hell with a few terrorists in the middle-east: your 'analysts' are too stupid for words if they disregard the threat of climate change in favour of some other pet issue. You might want to replace them.


West End Bob said...

"Hear, Hear, Boris!"

Excellent post . . . .

the salamander said...

.. any time I review the Duffy scandal chronology
I keep seeing the RCMP pop up in front of the scandal
as if they have merged with it and/or become as complicit as all the rest.. from Stevie/Ray on down..

Goodness.. one is left with the conclusion that the only likely relief for the closet queen is if someone disappears or muzzles Duffy.. and who knows what might spill from Nigel?

Sure, some twisted military event, a massacre or tsunami might steal the media.. but if that trial goes forward, Paulson is likely toast.. and I think Harper gets turned on. And its about time.

Keep your fingers crossed ..

Steve said...

Should we be suspisious about the fight against oversight? Canada is getting its own USA style assortment of Alphebtic agencies for which no one is sure who is the overiding controlling authority.

The USA has the rigorous oversight, does that make anyone think these agencies are not doing derring do everyday come hell or high water.

So with even less control in Canada what to expect? David Suzki has a small plane accident? Duffy runs into some insulun on the sidewalk, and Justin has to endure a lifetime of honey traps?

e.a.f. said...

back in the day, when the governments of the day wanted to "have a look at" some organization they would send in "over the top/under cover" RCMP. Later we find out those who advocated violence were the "plants".

Now CISIS and the RCMP might want to think about your article, because some day those cons are going to be swept out of office and the files will be opened. Some who committed illegal acts will go to jail.

We have only to look at the "show" trial going on in b.c. A couple of people with substance abuse problems being "led" by an RCMP "over the top/under cover" type "working" with 2 people to "create" violence. Upp, they're so stoned, you can even hear it in their voices without looking at the video. this is the sort of thing stevie slime wants. In the end, it maybe the cops who go to jail for acting outside of their job description.

At some point the RCMP and/or CISIS is going to do something so awful the country will rise up about it and the government will be gone.

Steve said...

Why is Canada the new thug on the block?

e.a.f. said...

Because the citizens of this country voted Stephen Harper and his religious right into office. Stephen Harper belongs to the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church as are 60 of his fellow Cons.

Their church espouses the following:" the bible is "inerrant". The second coming is "imminent". Perhaps this will explain why we have so few federal scientists left, we have a lot of climate change denyers in the Con party; we can't get the abortion pill into the market in Canada, why the Cons don't care about the environment or much else. We're all going to die and those favoured, i.e. the 60 Cons and their fellow church members will all go to heaven, as long as Israel is still there. Hence the great "affection/affliction" of Benny.

In my opinion The Christian & Missionary alliance church isn't all that different from Islamic fundamentalists. they both have brought their religion into the political process. No wonder P.M. "hide in the closet" Harper seems so comfortable with the Saudi's. Different religion, same old stuff.

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