Sunday, January 04, 2015

Veterans faking their injuries?

I'm not going to link to it because he doesn't deserve it, but the vile and souless Fantino has suggested that veterans malinger for money.

It's hard to imagine a more wretched and misanthropic psyche. Even his face drips spite.


Lorne said...

"It's hard to imagine a more wretched and misanthropic psyche. Even his face drips spite."

I have yet to read a better description of this arrogant and hateful cog in the Harper machine.

gingersnap said...

Six members of my family served in WW2. My one brother was in the battle of Ortona in Italy. Word spread very swiftly among the children, Canadians would give them food.

However, we can quickly see through Fantino and how much he cares about our fallen, our Veterans of yesterday and our Veterans of today.

Shame on Fantino.

e.a.f. said...

I read about fantino's comments some time ago. It was covered by another blogger, Montreal Simon.

As I commented then, it is not surprising the cons have taken this tact. Its sort of like back in the day they used to say if she hadn't worn short skirts she wouldn't have gotten raped. Its called call the victim into question.

Also like back in the day, they said the same about WW II Veterans, in some quarters, but not very loudly.

Its that old principle of if you say something often enough and loud enough, some idiot is going to believe it. Its all about changing the narrative. As people have less and less in this country, they maybe able to change the narrative and make people resent the Veterans.

They were able to change the narrative and get Canadians to accept TFW for a long time, i.e. Canadians won't do the work, we can't find the workers, right with our level of unemployment/////

The cons did this to First Nations governments and its working. They kept telling the Canadian taxpayers and band members their leaders are crooks. They then implemented leg. which requires bands to post their financial affairs. So why not do it with Vets.

the cons started this with the Women's groups in Canada, when they first came to office and de funded them. They didn't need the money, women were equal, those groups were squandering the money, etc.

The cons are relying on the old adage, if preponderance of allegations will eventually make a fact.

WE have yet to hear from the Legions across Canada. Haven't seen any letters to the editor in my little town.

If you have nothing positive to say about your own party, smearing the other guy works quite well.

Many of us are not surprised fantasia has started this line of propaganda. He's a pig, he has not class. remember this guy belongs to a party which doesn't think its problem that there are 1,200 murdered/missing First Nations women in this country and its not on stevie slime's "radar". Bet you if it were 1,200 white middle class women from conservative party committees we'd have soliders on every street corner.

Before this is over you can expect to have fantitasia "leaking" documents to "support" his "position" and there will be some who buy into it.

Alison said...

In a year which saw the government take to court to deny their social contract with vets, an AG report stating that more than half of disabled vets were not getting their due benefits, and VAC offices closed and staff terminated across the country due to lack of funds, Veterans Affairs returned $1.13-billion to the Treasury Board so the Harper government could announce a yearly surplus.
In the face of that, I don't think it matters anymore what the fuck they say now.

opit said...

It may not matter - but should still be shouted from the rooftops how they are sneaks and liars fouling public media with hatemongering ungrateful spew. But the Support Our Troops ribbons loom large. All rightee then - homage like that reminds me of an adage from the church : Faith Without Dead.

The Mound of Sound said...

I can't think of a disorder at the same time so crippling and yet so easily dismissed as malingering as the emotional damage soldiers can sustain in battle.

I've had the experience of observing this sort of damage all my life, at least until recently. I was born into a world of broken bodies and minds of men who had gone through the mill of WWII. My dad, my uncle, three of my dad's friends.

It wasn't until post-Vietnam that PTSD became a recognized disorder. I'm convinced that if there are malingerers trying to game the system they're damned few and for every one there are many who struggle to just hold it all inside.

When I was a kid we used to visit a family in Belleville. The father was a war buddy of my dad who, like my father, overcame horrific wounds and had a successful career at the managerial level. I remember him as a friendly, fun, really decent guy. Then, in the mid-60s he couldn't handle the demons he'd lived with so long and put a gun to his head.

My uncle got through but he had to live in a bottle for most of the post-war. DVA finally recognized his war disability but not until the early 80s.

A lot of these guys could be taken for drunks or malingerers. A lot of them aren't able to let outsiders see what's going on inside them lest they somehow spin out of control.

A total low-life dirtbag like Fantino is incapable of understanding, much less respecting, these broken people. He's deserving of nothing but our contempt.