Saturday, November 08, 2014


Aviation Week is reporting that it has evidence showing Canada has asked for a switcheroo with four formerly US-bound production F-35s so that Canada would receive these airframes next year.

Four isn't anywhere near the total figure of 65 that was in play before the Conservatives were embarrassed into rebooting the fighter procurement process so that it was in line with Canadian legal requirement for a competitive procurement process.

The Aviation Week report, if accurate, suggests the Conservatives are still trying to somehow game the procurement process to favour that annoying little aeroplane from Lockheed Martin. 

I'm sure the lawyers at Dassault, Boeing, Eurofighter, and Saab are watching this very closely indeed.


West End Bob said...

The F-35 US contingent is based at an Air Force base near us in Florida. I noticed on my last visit in early October how abnormally quiet the skies were in the 'hood. Prob'ly 'cuz of stuff like this.

And yet stevie and Company persist in throwing money down the proverbial rat hole . . . .

Alison said...

Shut up, Bob. Bursting into flame on take-off is probably a new feature to distract the enemy. What exactly do you suggest we do the next time Germany bombs Pearl Harbour, huh?

West End Bob said...



However, wasn't it Japan that bombed London?!?

Let's try and keep our facts straight (pardon the expression), OK ? ? ? ?