Friday, May 30, 2014

F-35 and hot air

For anyone who still follows the very expensive comedy of errors that is the F-35, the latest news is that the air from the big hole what all the hot air blows out on the vertical take off/land "B" model is too hot for most landing surfaces.

Apparently it requires a special military grade concrete mix, or a special 30 ton  landing pad, which effectively negates the entire point of a V/STOL flying machine (i.e. operate in places of minimal infrastructure).


Steve said...

Just what will it take to kill this plane from hell? I sure hope Harper does not get his play toy.

On the other hand lots of people are making money already. 152

The Mound of Sound said...

Didn't the Harrier have the same problem?

Boris said...

MoS, I don't know about the Harrier other than it had substantially less thrust, distrubuted through four nozzles, than the massive hot-air machine inside the F-35.

Steve said...

As I understand it the Harrier is smart car sized and the F35 is an SUV.