Friday, March 21, 2014

Not historic.

CBC, the prime minister's stop in Ukraine is not likely to be "historic" unless something interesting happens to him or because of him while he's there that is likely to be recorded in the history books. God help us if he does that because, well, the Harper Conservative nostalgia for big wars that mostly happened before they were born might get the better of him.

It's an opportunistic photo-op by the king of opportunistic photo-oppers that might get him some votes in the prairies.  

So, CBC, can please you maybe stop saying big words like "historic" before history happens?


double nickel said...

Leaving on the same day that the SCC rules on's all about timing.

Dana said...

In the past several weeks I've been bewildered by the over-weening narcissism aired and printed by virtually all Canadian news outlets.

What the Canadian government says or does about *any issue at all* is irrelevant to the wider world. This country simply doesn't matter. There was a time we had a wee bit of moral leverage thanks to Pearson - and I do mean a wee bit. But that leverage vanished years before Harper came along and announced Canada was back, whatever fantastical mind fuck that was supposed to imply.

This wee little nation spread out within this enormous, mostly empty land mass has no influence nor power to shape world affairs and the sooner Canadians come to terms with that and relax into it the sooner there might be an opportunity to elect a government that puts the citizens first.

Alison said...

It could get historic if our famed Canadian crusader against anti-semitism everywhere were to publicly denounce the new unelected deputy prime minister and minister of defence for their continued support of neo-Nazis and anti-Semite rallies.
What do you think the odds are of that happening?

the salamander said...

.. it was a typo ..
supposed to be 'hysterical' or prehistoric
unlike his historic bathroom tantrum

meanwhile, back in 3rd rate petrostate Canada eh ..
which the world is unable to recognize since 2006
Harper is getting slapped silly on a weekly basis
and the big ticket scandals are inbound & still to land

Great to see Rob Anders has gone off already..
into full mental jacket election fraud mode
fully endorsed by his Alberta BBQ homie cowpoker Harper
Brad Butt sure to get a ringing endorsement as well
since lying thru your teeth is a cherished talent

Harper handmaiden priss P Poilievre needs to seek medical help
for that smug smirk & double chin jerk following every greasy sentence..
That's a crippling full facial tic.. & a brutal poker cheat giveaway

And where is dear Arthur Hamilton.. that champion of democracy ?
Or Peter Kent ? Off saving the last boreal caribou ?
Whither Flaherty ? Gone BC dipnet fishing for commercial salmon ?

Hey.. was that Joe Oliver stumbling bumbling & fumbling files ?
Those Omnibus Budgets come with a 50 page index alone..
carry a seismic risk just getting them trucked via semi-trailer to Parliament
and so hard to lug home to Leaside.. without extra baggage fees

The Plague Ship Harper is creaking and leaking .. rats a leaping
the hold stuffed full of smallpox blankets & election trinkets
bad whisky and diluted bitumen.. sailing the toxic tailings ponds
unelected cabin boyz Novak & Lecce and Jenni Byrne are more and more
ignored by crew.. and eying the PMO lifeboats.. and each other

A sinking piece of shite Con ship .. barely afloat in a sea of Con shit
Hope you can all swim.. scumbags ..
cuz shore is a long way off.. and hostile to hysterical hypocrites & liars
however prehistoric they may be