Saturday, November 30, 2013

RCMP: Getting it wrong

So RCMP Corporal Ron Francis has some of his peers turn up to his residence and remove his uniforms, the last of which he returned under his own steam.


Because he was smoking prescribed medical marijuana whilst wearing it. Apparently this is such a high crime in the Informal Code of the RCMPness that it must result in public humiliation and disgrace by ones peers. Nevermind that in this instance the use of marijuana is exactly the same as taking prescription pills for serious medical condition.

Did a posse of Mounties show up at the homes of Constables Kwesi Millington, Bill Bentley, Gerry Rundel, and Corporal Benjamin Robinson after they utterly disgraced themselves at YVR and the consequent Braidwood enquiry? Nope. It actually took an unrelated DUI scam to turf the last guy and the first three actually kept their uniforms and employment.

How about this for a symbolic punishment? Admit the RCMP has a serious problem with its organisational culture, ban them from wearing the red serge dress uniform until they demonstrate that they've fixed themselves.


Steve said...

Its time for all citizens to rise up vote, and create a personal telecom network.
>"Freedom from the man
in our time.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Here is the link to the greatest story about the internet ever told.

Filcher said...

I must admit upon first hearing this, I wondered how he would have dealt with the situation if he was on the other side. My second thought was why is this really newsworthy- there are and will be far worse things done by the RCMP that do not get reported by the MSM.

Your post was a third way of looking at the story from The Harper Government view- protect those that serve well, and support the Government programs- while they publicly humiliate, blame, and cast aside those that do not conform to their ideological standard. This creates fear of reprisal and

"Fear is the main source of superstition"